Spring Cleaning Image

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Image Just like your home, your website can accumulate clutter and dust over time, making it easier for hackers to explore vulnerabilities and gain access to your files and valuable information. The good news is that, unlike home cleaning, tidying up your website is faster, easier and the benefits last longer.
To help you get started, this month we are launching a short email series on the topic of website cleaning. Here are some practical tips on how to declutter your website for even stronger security.
Scan your website for vulnerabilities
Start with a thorough website scan for potential malware-infection and threats with our in-house developed Site Scanner security service. It checks all elements of your website for malware, notifies you about any potential threats, and gives you advance notice and tools to react in case of any malicious activity. Scan and secure your site this Spring with our limited-time offer – 50% off our Site Scanner Basic and Premium plans!
Clean up your WordPress website
If you use WordPress, take special care of your website, application, theme, and plugins with these easy-to-follow tips:
● Make sure your WordPress version and plugins are up-to-date – if your site is hosted on SiteGround, they already do this for you automatically.
● Clean up your user roles and permissions: review and remove inactive users or limit access for certain users only to the resources they require;
● Update your passwords: make sure you’re using strong, secure credentials, and 2FA, and the free SiteGround Security plugin to streamline it all;
● Clean up unused plugins and themes: even when deactivated, outdated plugins and themes can open up security vulnerabilities on your site. Delete any plugins and themes that you are not using to reduce clutter and lower the risk of security breaches.